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Among Us is a game with unique gameplay. It has a space theme where the game takes place between the Crewmates and the Imposters. A group of four to ten players can compete in each round. A map is given to all the players in the game. The main objective of the Crewmates is to complete all the tasks which have been displayed on the map and weed out all the Imposters. On the other hand, Imposters have been tasked to finish all the Crewmates, damage in-game systems and create complete chaos. In other words, you can say that they are the real SOBs.

Whenever a player loses his/her life in the game, he/she instantly takes the form of a ghost. The biggest advantage that the ghosts have is that they can’t be seen by the other players. Yes, they become invisible. They can be noticed only by other ghosts. Crewmates can either accomplish every task or finish all the Imposters to win their respective rounds. Otherwise, quitting the game is always the option for ending that round.

Crewmates can utilise numerous surveillance systems for identifying the Imposters. The players don’t have the luxury of establishing their contact with the other players via voice chat. But they do have the option of text chatting with each other.

Players can visit the lobby for adjusting the game’s settings. Different types of space costumes, skins, pets, and many more are present in the lobby. The name of game Among Us basically means Someone Among Us is the imposter. This is certainly the game of betrayal. So, The one who is perfect in telling a lie would be as perfect in playing this game. Well you want to win Among Us without breaking your virtue of honesty? oh yes, you are at right place we can help you in this. Above all, The hack which we are going to discuss will help you winning the game without putting down your dignity. Also, you need to find out the saboteur to depart the ship. So, Let’s discover Among Us Hack.




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